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Is This the Motorola X Phone for AT&T?



Several images of a boxed up Motorola smartphone have emerged today showing off what could be the first, semi-glimpse at the upcoming Motorola X Phone which has been rumored for AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

The notorious @evleaks account has posted two photos of what appear to be a boxed up Motorola smartphone. What this means is that it’s inside of a shell that is protecting the actual design from emerging to the surface. So at this point, it’s impossible to say what the Motorola X Phone looks like, if this indeed the Motorola X Phone.

This could be the Motorola X Phone for AT&T.

This could be the Motorola X Phone for AT&T.

A sticker on the back of the device would have us to believe that it could be. Though very blurry, in the top right of the barcode stick are the words “Model: XFON ATT.” That seems to hint at an AT&T X Phone though it could easily have been doctored. @evleaks is generally pretty reliable though we caution that the account is skeptical with this leak as it includes question marks on the end. Typically, when it does this, whoever behind the account is uncertain of the authenticity.

We also see a Motorola symbol in the top left corner, the App Drawer, and the AT&T symbol as clear as day in the Notifications. So it’s clear that if this is a real device, it’s heading to AT&T. There is also a large hole for the camera sensor on back, whether that means a large camera sensor remains to be seen.

So this could turn out to be an elaborate fake, or it could be something very real, it’s not clear at this point. What we do know is that a Motorola X Phone has been rumored for AT&T’s network.

The signage here points to an XFON for AT&T.

The signage here points to an XFON for AT&T.

Of course, rumors for the X Phone have also been all over the board. Thus far, we’ve heard that the device could feature a massive battery, a durable Kevlar design like the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD, a powerful camera, but also possibly a standard camera, a smaller more compact design, the new version of Android, stock Android, and a boat load of customization.

Whispers suggest that the X Phone will come in at least 20 colors to go along with an assortment of casing options including wood. It’s also now said to always be connected to the Chrome Browser and feature a listening mode, that’s always on, and allows owners to issue commands and wake the device up from slumber.

August is apparently its target release date which means that rumors of a Google I/O launch may turn out to be false.

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