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Is Your iPhone Trying to Kill You? [Infographic]



Your iPhone isn’t trying to give you cancer, at least not this week, but it might be hurting your eyes, mangling your posture, depriving you of sleep, hurting your hearing and stealing your attention – all of which could combine to kill you off before your next smartphone upgrade.

These hazardous effects of smarpthone usage aren’t limited to the iPhone, but if you use a smartphone you are at risk fr a number of painful and annoying health consequences.

If you use a mobile device as much as I do, you will certainly want to pay attention to these health hazards of smartphone usage and be sure to remember the tips for avoiding these common smartphone maladies.

iPhone eyesight damageThe first place your iPhone attacks is your eyes. We’ve heard of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) before, but with an increased use of smartphones  — up to 3 hours on average is spent looking at the screen every day — it is important to look out for symptoms such as dry eyes, headaches and blurry vision. To avoid CVS, blink often, get the right glasses and use saline drops if your eyes are too dry.

Next up on the attack list are your ears. Smartphone usage can contribute to tinnitus, an uncurable ringing in your ear. If that sounds awful, you may want to avoid phone calls of 10 minutes or more on a daily basis, which can lead to a two-fold increase in the chance of getting tinnitus.

Next up, check your posture. I don’t suggest you get a TV Hat, but you should take steps to avoid the smartphone slump that has become a common sight at the mall and while walking down the street. Take breaks from your phone often, stretch, hydrate and exercise regularly to avoid these issues associated with poor phone posture.

Sleep can also take a hit from your smartphone usage. Using your phone in bed can delay sleep by 6 minutes and shorten your deep sleep by 8 minutes. If possible turn of your smartphone an hour before you go to bed, use headphones and try to keep the phone an inch away from your head late at night.

As you might have guessed, distracted driving is another big issue with smartphones. Just talking on your phone while driving increases your chances of a crash by four, and heavy texters increase their chance of a crash by 23 times. Use a handsfree kit and look for apps or in car services like Microsoft SYNC on Ford cars which can read your text messages to you.

Check out the infographic from Mezzmer, which highlights the many ways your iPhone is trying to kill you.

iPhone Killing You

Via Mezzmer

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