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ISTE Releases Book Touting Tablet’s Benefits For K-12 Education



Eliot Graff, a former English professor and current programmer and technical writer/editor/blogger has found a new book dealing with tablet PCs and education. The International Society for Technology in Education has released their latest volume titled Tablet PCs in K-12 Education. Being a big proponent of tablet PCs being integrated into secondary educational systems, I’m excited to see ISTE legitimizing the tablet’s strengths for primary education. What better way to introduce the advantages of having a tablet computer than being exposed to them for 13 years!

Here’s a short description from ISTE’s website:

Despite the many advantages of computer-aided instruction, standard notebook computers are restricted by their keyboard and mouse inputs. Not so with tablet PCs. Using the tablet PC—basically a notebook computer with an interactive screen—teachers and students can write, draw, and sketch directly onto any computer document, in real time, and at a fraction of the cost of hard copy documents. Teachers can transmit lessons to student computers for their annotation. Students can respond in their own hand. A math teacher can show how a function changes over time. A Japanese language teacher can demonstrate the sequence of strokes to draw a character. Students can go home after school, go online, and review both lessons as they happened. This book is a practical guide for educators who would like to use tablet PCs to instruct, communicate, and collaborate in the classroom. You’ll be introduced to tablet PCs as a:


  • Powerful and portable computing device
  • Note-taking, sketching, writing, and collaborative learning tool
  • Presentation tool that far surpasses any other existing platform
  • Personal productivity tool for both you and your students


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