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iTunes Holiday Sampler Gives a Taste of What’s To Come



itunesamplerIt isn’t just hardware manufacturers that are working on Tablets and mobile devices that keep buzz like the mythical Apple Tablet afloat, it is also content providers and publishers who are working hard to find ways to deliver content to all those devices in ways that will make it easy for the money to slip out of your bank account and into their coffers.

Back when Apple announced its iTunes LP(it was codenamed Cocktail back then) I said that this was a play with an eye towards getting you to buy more content on the mythical Apple Tablet. Think of iTunes LP as the extras that come with a DVD or liner notes from record albums. It basically provides extra content and the idea is to try and get you to buy an entire album instead of just a song or two from that album by dressing up the album with fancy “extra” content.

If you want to check out this kind of content packaging, Apple is offering a free Holiday Sampler that includes some really bad Christmas music, wrapped in a pretty package to try and entice you. It is worth checking out (you don’t have to keep the horrible songs) because we’re going to see more and more of this kind of packaging in the future from a variety of content producers and publishers.

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