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JetPack Joyride for Android: The Latest Missing Android App



Now that Temple run for Android is available, the most anticipated game for Android has to be Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack joyride for Android is still MIA seven months after the app launched on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. The game just went from paid to free on iPhone, which means that there’s some hope that Jetpack Joyride will come to Android as a free game to earn money through in app purchases.

Jetpack Joyride is an incredibly popular game, where you play Barry Steakfries, adventurer who steals a jet pack from science evildoers. Control Barry past obstacles, and enemies using the machine gun jet pack and earn different jet packs and upgrades as you play.

Jetpack Joyride fo Android is still missing.

Jetpack Joyride fo Android is still missing.

The iPhone version of the game is about to get gadgets, add-ons that allow your character to do extra feats and perform better in-game.

You can see one of the new add-ons in the video below.

Halfbrick Studios, the company that makes Jetpack Joyride for iPhone isn’t an iOS only shop.

If you played Fruit Ninja, you know their work. Originally available as an iPhone only game, Fruit Ninja exploded to many platforms including Android.

The fact that they also develop for Android, gives hope to the release of jet pack joyride for Android in the near future.

Unfortunately, just because Jetpack joyride for Android is released, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play it.

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Because Android phones have different screen sizes, processors, graphic chips and more, not every app will work on every device.

When Temple Run came to Android earlier this week, it worked on the majority of Android phones, but even new devices, like the Droid Bionic and Droid RAZR don’t support this highly anticipated game.

Hopefully, if Jetpack Joyride arrives on Android,, it will work on every device.

What iPhone game do you want to play on your Android phone?



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