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Join and Follow the Twitter Tablet PC Enthusiast List



twitterlogoTwitter, the social service that no one really knows what it is but it sure is something, has added a new feature called “Lists.” Essentially if you have a Twitter account you can create a list(s) of followers so that you can try to wade through the stream of Tweets that come your way by breaking those you follow into different groups (family, local, geeks, humor, etc…) Folks have been going a little nuts creating lists and already there’s a bit of “who’s on what list” kind of thing going on. But that’s only natural in the wacky world of Twitter. You can also follow the lists of others as well.

Layne Heiny has created a Tablet PC Enthusiasts list that will continue to grow I’m sure. If you’re interested in being on the list contact him and let him know here. Or you can just follow along.

Also there’s at least one UMPC list that I know of here.

For what it is worth here is a list of the lists I’ve created and am following.

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