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Just Cause 3 Release: 5 Things to Know Now



Just Cause 3 Gameplay

Just Cause 3 Gameplay

The Just Cause 3 trailer teases some of the gameplay, but the best information comes from GamesRadar+, who shares an interview with the developer and insight gained from playing the game. Watch the Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what to expect and read on for more.

The Just Cause 3 gameplay includes three tools for getting around and GamesRadar+ reports that it is easy to switch between each of these mid-flight or mid-fall to get where you want to go. Design principal Francesco Antolini tells the publication, "In JC3, not only can you shoot while grappling, you can grapple on to an enemy, reel in for a dive kick and shoot while you’re doing so, before moving the camera and launching another grapple off."

In Just Cause 3 you can now tether with three tethers so that you can do more damage by connecting your environment to vehicles and much more.



  1. Random Guy

    05/30/2015 at 4:56 am

    the release date is December, i bought it on steam and it says so, i think it’s the 16th

  2. caroll

    06/13/2016 at 6:36 pm

    HI, Please help, i have just cause 3 and have purchased the Mech Land addon but i cannot access the new island. What must i do to be able to land on the new island Lacrima . There is a red ring around it that i cannot access. Thank you .. Caroll

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