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Key Lime Pie Next on the Android Alphabet Soup



With murmurs of what Android 5.0 Jelly Bean may bring to the Android ecosystem, there’s already speculations on the version of the Google mobile operating system that will succeed Android 5.0. That version, the version to follow Jelly Bean, may be called Key Lime Pie. As per Google’s tradition of nicknaming its mobile releases after delectable desserts and sweets, Key Lime Pie would follow J alphabetically.

At this time, Key Lime Pie and its naming convention is still considered a rumor. There aren’t any information as to what Key Lime Pie would bring to the Android ecosystem right now.

In the meantime, we’re still looking forward to what Google may bring to Jelly Bean once that OS is announced. There are rumors that Jelly Bean, which will succeed Ice Cream Sandwich, may bring universal support for accessories that resemble Motorola’s Lapdock, which would allow phones to plug into a laptop-like accessory to bring enhanced productivity while on the go. Google has also been seen working on patent applications for multitouch trackpad gestures that would help with such an accessory.


Via: The Verge

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