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Kids Flip Out Over Tablet PCs



071107_A11_hThec10507_TABLET_PCc Five years of Tablet PCs and kids are still getting excited about using them in school. Check out this picture Tristan Hanna after getting his HP TC4400 Tablet PC at Monte Cassino School. Priceless.

From Tulsa World:

Teachers at Monte Cassino School think their students are learning a lesson from their new computers that has nothing to do with math, science or history.

The computers are teaching responsibility.

New laptops were given to two classes of fourth-graders Tuesday morning, bringing to 224 the number of Monte Cassino students who use the tablet PCs daily. The students can use the computers as long as they attend the school.

The entire seventh and eighth grades received computers earlier this year.

The school’s director, Sister Mary Clare Buthod, wants every student in third through eighth grades to have one eventually.

( picture courtesy of Kelly Kerr of Tulsa World).

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