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7 Reasons The Amazon Fire Makes a Great Gift



The Amazon Amazon Fire makes a great christmas present for users who don’t need everything an iPad offers, who want access to support and for parents who want a tablet that delivers the best parental controls on the market. Thanks to the more affordable pricing, the Amazon Fire is also a popular gift and a good option for a first time tablet user, and it is miles better than cheap Android tablets from no-name brands.

You can buy a variety of Amazon Fire tablets, and Amazon is running Amazon Fire deals all month as shoppers look for the perfect Christmas gift and tablets top holiday wish lists and gift guides.

There are a number of important differences between the Amazon Fire tablets and screen sizes including a six-inch Amazon Fire HD up to an 8.9-inch Amazon Fire HDX.

Find out why the Amazon Fire makes a great gift.

Find out why the Amazon Fire makes a great gift.

Many Amazon Fire Options

The main Amazon Fire tablets include the following devices from $99 up.

There are a variety of screen sizes and feature differences that you can see in the image below. Picking the right Amazon Fire for your gift depends on your budget and what you need. You’ll need to buy a Amazon Fire HDX for MayDay Support and for a 4G LTE option, but the Amazon Fire HDX 7-inch does not include a rear facing camera like the rest of the tablets.

See the differences between the Amazon Fire tablets.

See the differences between the Amazon Fire tablets.

You can use the chart above to compare the Amazon Fire tablets and read on to find out why they make an excellent gift.


The Amazon Fire tablets are affordable and we continually see deals, especially on last generation models that make it easier to justify spending the money on a Amazon Fire than on an iPad as a gift.

There are dozens of cheap Android tablets from brands you would never recognize, but they are often poor quality, offer bad customer support and sometimes include malware and backdoors that could compromise your data.

With prices from $99 to $379 and deals on Amazon Fire tablets arriving often, you can find an affordable tablet that isn’t cutting corners on support and security.

Free Books, Music & Videos

If you are an Amazon Prime member you can read books for free from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. This is included with Amazon Prime with access to over 600,000 books including Harry Potter. You need a Kindle device, this will not work on the apps on other smartphones or tablets.

You can also watch many movies and TV shows, including recent releases and HBO series on Amazon Instant on the Amazon Fire tablets. These videos are free with your Amazon Prime subscription. Check out the selection of free Amazon Prime Instant Video options. This service works on Android, iPhone and iPad as well.

You can also use Amazon Prime Music to listen to over a million songs for free. This works on other mobile devices as well, but if you own a Amazon Fire you can download the music to listen to offline.

You also gain unlimited photo storage for your photos that you can see online, on mobile and on your desktop.

Amazon Prime is $99 for a one year subscription and it includes free two-day shipping and there is a free 30 day trial.

FreeTime & Parental Controls

The Amazon Fire tablets offer the bet parental controls that help limit what apps and services kids can use and limit how long they can use the tablet each day. The iPad and basic Android tablets do not offer this level of parental controls.

There is also a service called Amazon FreeTime Unlimited that includes over 5,000 kid-friendly and kid-ready apps, books, games, movies and TV shows that let kids access content from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS and more without ads and in app purchases for $2.99 a month.

There is a special Amazon Fire HD for kids with added benefits for kids.

There is a special Amazon Fire HD for kids with added benefits for kids.

There is also a special Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition that includes a year of FreeTime Unlimited, kid ready carrying case and 2 year worry free guarantee. This tablet is $149, but is on sale for $119 now.

24/7 On Device Support

Amazon includes MayDay support on the Amazon Fire HDX and Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 tablets. With the push of a button you can connect to live support that can help you fix problems and learn how to use the tablet. The person on the other end can highlight and help you fix problems on the screen and it is a video chat so it is easy to follow along. This is essential if you give the Amazon Fire as a gift to someone who is using it as their first tablet and may need help you cannot provide if you don’t have a Amazon Fire of your own.

Work Well with iPhone or Android

You don’t need to buy a Fire Phone to get full use out of the Amazon Fire tablets, in fact you shouldn’t buy a Fire Phone.

You can use most of the features from the Amazon Fire Prime benefits on your other devices and with the photo backup you can see your photos on iPhone or Android and on your Amazon Fire tablet. You can connect email accounts and calendars to the Amazon Fire and your Kindle e-book progress syncs between all of your devices.

You can connect the Amazon Fire HDX and Amazon Fire to your HDTV and your data syncs great even to iPhone or Android.

You can connect the Amazon Fire HDX and Amazon Fire to your HDTV and your data syncs great even to iPhone or Android.

Apps & Accessories

You don’t have access to the Google Play Store, but there is an Amazon App Store with a lot of popular apps and games, as well as deals on paid apps quite often. You can check out the Amazon Fire Apps & games selection before you buy.

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Amazon Fire TV offers an option to use the Amazon Fire as a second screen and fast access to your Prime membership benefits on a big screen. There is also a cheaper Amazon Fire TV Stick, but you need to read our Fire Stick review before you buy it.

You can also find a wide array of Amazon Fire accessories on Amazon including cases, covers, keyboards and more.

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