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Kyocera Echo Gingerbread Update Rolling Out August 1st



Don’t look now but Sprint’s dual-screened smartphone, the Kyocera Echo, is going to be getting its upgrade to Gingerbread on August 1st. The update is going to be done OTA (over-the-air) and it’s going to be released in increments to all seven Echo owners out there. Seriously, does anyone actually own this phone? I have never seen it out in the wilds before so it’s a honest question. Anyway, this is sure to peeve plenty of other smartphone owners, cough, Epic 4G, Droid 2 Global, cough, who should be downright shocked that this phone is getting the Gingerbread treatment before their device.

Kyocera Echo

So, what’s coming with the update? Well, there is a host of stuff, including:

  • Eco Mode
  • EAS enhancements
  • Swype 3.0
  • Miscellaneous security patches
  • Gingerbread Android OS software update
    • Including improved power management
    • Improved text input
    • Minor performance improvements
    • Manage Applications Control
    • Download Manager

So, that’s what to look for on August 1st. If you don’t see it, be patient because again, it’s going to be rolling out in increments over the course of four days. Man, the Galaxy S just can’t catch a break can it?

Via: Android Police

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