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Lamenting Ink Desktop 2



One of the most requested features over the past five years has been the ability to ink on the desktop. So, when Microsoft released the Ink Desktop as part of Experience Pack for XP, there was much rejoicing. Then folks started using it, and frustrations ensued – erasing slowness, resizing problems, rotation issues, etc.

When Vista came out and Microsoft released Ink Desktop 2 ( and Experience Pack for Vista ), there was hope that the above issues would be fixed. However, many of the same problems surfaced and continued to frustrate users. Because of the practical use of writing on the desktop, many folks like me want to like it and use it, but eventually turn it off due to the problems.

GBM reader FeralBoy has a great discussion thread going in our forums talking about the need of a good solution for inking on the desktop, the issues with Ink Desktop 2, and hoping Microsoft or some talented developer will catch the dream and code a great solution for us.

FeralBoy on his latest struggles with Ink Desktop:

Today my desktop notes died. Well, they’re still there, but they’ve been shrunk one too many times and refuse to resize themselves to a usable, non-blurry state, so I will have to delete them and start over.

Head over and check it out – it is a fascinating discussion.


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