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Last Chance To Sell Your iPhone 4 For A Good Price



This afternoon Apple is set to announce then iPhone 5, or maybe the iPhone 4S, or maybe both. Either way, the iPhone 4 will officially become last year’s news. There’s still time to sell your “old” iPhone 4 or 3GS in order to get a nice chunk of change to put toward your new iPhone.

As we wrote about last week, trade-in sites are eager to give you money in exchange for the phone, but you’ll have to do so before the official announcement today. Nextworth in particular guarantees that you can get $250 for it. And you won’t have to send it to them until after you get your new phone.

iPhone 4 trade in

Get an extra $50 on your iPhone 4 Trade in at Nextworth.

They’re not the only ones. Read our guide for selling your iPhone 4 to pay for the iPhone 5 to walk through the whole process. But hurry, because many, many others have been trading in their iPhone 4 and 3GS models since the iPhone 5 rumors ramped up.

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If you can get anywhere between $200 and $250 you may even make a little bit of profit. There are indications that some new iPhone models will cost as little as $49 for the 8GB iPhone 4 and $99 for the iPhone 4S.

Once you’ve sold it, go get in line for the new one!

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