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Leaked Docs Point to Wi-Fi Calling Coming to Sprint Users



Placing wireless calls could be getting cheaper for Sprint’s wireless users very soon. According to reports, the carrier is preparing to launch Wi-Fi calling on two of Samsung’s Android based devices.

Reportedly, documents sent to Android Central confirm that Sprint’s preparing to introduce Wi-Fi calling. The documents, which the outlet says are actually training materials sent to Sprint’s workforce to get them better acquainted with the technology, indicate that Sprint will launch Wi-Fi calling on its network with the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

Leaks indicate the Samsung Galaxy Mega will get Wi-Fi calling on Sprint soon.

Leaks indicate that Sprint will add Wi-Fi Calling functionality to the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

Allegedly, Sprint will make the functionality available through software updates. It appears Sprint also has plans to add the feature to “new devices running Android 4.2 and above.” The setup process described in the report sounds pretty simple. Users will need to go to Sprint’s account management site to switch on Wi-Fi calling for their account. They’ll also need  a compatible device. From that point on their handset will simply route their calls through the wireless connection, saving them minutes and more.

It looks like Sprint won’t charge users a monthly fee to enable Wi-Fi calling. As such, heavy talkers should be able to save themselves a bit of money if they’re prone to blowing their monthly minute allotment. Users won’t be able to place Wi-Fi calls outside of the United States and its territories. The user’s phone will need to detect a Sprint wireless signal before it’ll place any Wi-Fi calls.

All told, the feature should bring some relief to Sprint users with compatible phones. Currently, only T-Mobile, the United States fourth-largest carrier, allows users to place phone calls using their local Wi-Fi connection.

In fact, it appears that the only difference here seems to be the devices that have Wi-Fi calling enabled. T-Mobile includes Wi-Fi calling functionality on devices running Google’s Android operating system and devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Though, to be fair, Sprint’s selection of devices running Windows Phone 8 isn’t exactly robust. That’s possibly why it’s choosing to only roll out the feature on Android devices. Wi-Fi calling isn’t supported on Apple’s iPhone on any mobile carrier.

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