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Leaked Galaxy S III Screen Protector Suggests 4.8-Inch Display



Prior to Samsung’s May 3rd event to unveil the Galaxy S III flagship Android smartphone, accessories-maker Colorant has released a screen protector dubbed the Ultimate Screen Guard for the device. The leaked screen protector reveals some tidbits about the dimensions of the phone, including the fact that the Galaxy S III may support a display size of approximately 4.8 inches.

According to Unwired HK, which obtained the Colorant screen protector, the screen protector is too big when overlaid on top of the 4.3-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. Compared to the 4.7-inch display of the HTC One X smartphone, the Colorant screen protector is still slightly too big for that device’s screen, suggesting that the screen protector will accommodate a display size of about 4.8 inches, according to SlashGear.

Additionally, the screen protector also reveals a cutout for a dedicated home button, confirming earlier leaks that depicted a Galaxy S III with a dedicated home button–similar to Apple’s iPhone design. However, other Android navigation keys would be moved onto the screen.

It’s unclear, however, if the dedicated home button will be present on a Galaxy S III release in the U.S. In the past, Samsung phones that make their way to the U.S. often come without the dedicated home button in favor of four capacitive Android navigation keys.


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