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LG G2x Finally Returns to T-Mobile



It has been gone for over two months but the T-Mobile G2x has made its return to T-Mobile’s store and until July 28th, you can snag the device for free from T-Mobile’s online store. The deal that T-Mobile has going on is for new and add-a-line customers only so those of you who are on T-Mobile looking for an upgrade are going to have to look elsewhere for a new phone. As many of you know, the G2x had been out of commission because of inventory issues. That, of course, according to T-Mobile. In actuality, the phone was plagued by bugs and obviously was not ready for launch when it arrived. Freezing, random reboots, you name it, the G2x had it. Finally though, it looks like the companies finally fixed the issues as it has finally returned, humbled by its past.

LG G2x

Now, we also know that Gingerbread has been available to G2x owners for a couple of days but we’re still not 100% sure the update has fixed all of the problems. That being said, it’s probably best that you wait and see how the software update pans out before you spring for this device. In fact, I almost just want to say, steer clear of this phone, you have better options out there that will cause far less turmoil.

I get the feeling that most if not all of the major bugs have been worked out though so if you can look past the G2x’s past, you can find the phone up for sale right here.  Again, the deal for new customers lasts through Thursday.



  1. Anonymous

    07/26/2011 at 8:36 pm

    Bugs aside the G2x is an awesome device. I’m loving mine (with CM7) there’s no faster phone on T-Mobile running stock Android.

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