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LG G5 Release Date Breakdown



Live in Barcelona Spain, the LG G5 was officially announced on February 21st after months of leaks and rumors. The stunning all aluminum phone features a beautiful design, a more compact 5.3-inch Quad-HD display, three cameras, a fingerprint scanner and more. Now that it has been revealed, here are all the official details about the LG G5 release date, carriers, pricing and more that we know so far.

As expected, LG debuted an all-new G5 that looks very similar to all the leaks we’ve seen for months, but with a few tricks up its sleeve. The modular design “Magic Slot” on back allows for swapping the battery, adding better sound, transforming it into a full-out digital point and shoot camera and more. It’s exciting, and LG claims more will come late this year.

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The past month has been filled with leaks and rumors, but nothing was official until this morning. Above is absolutely everything buyers need to know about the LG G5 release. From all of its accessories the company are calling “LG Friends” the modular design and more. As for the release date, pricing and more, read on for more details.


Sadly this morning LG didn’t share an exact LG G5 release date, but did have something exciting to share. For the first time in history from LG Mobile, the G5 “will hopefully be launched simultaneously around the globe.”

In previous years, like with the LG G4 from 2015, the smartphone was released in select few regions outside of the United States, available in Korea, international models were released, and then carriers in the United States started offering it. From T-Mobile giving select users the phone weeks ahead of anyone else, then eventually AT&T, Verizon and more.

This year will be completely different. Not only is the LG G5 being released faster than any LG phone in history, but it’s their best smartphone yet, and should be available simultaneously around the globe for all users. Below is a quick video of the LG G5, it’s design, and the modular design and removable battery.

As expected, the LG G5 comes with a slew of exciting new specs and features. Some of the leaks were wrong, and this year it sports a slightly smaller 5.3-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display. It’s the first LG G smartphone in nearly three years that didn’t have a 5.5-inch screen.

That said, the smaller screen shouldn’t be too much of an issue. It will provide users with a more portable device, a better looking screen, and the phone is loaded with all the latest and greatest technology. It has three cameras including a dual 16 and 8 megapixel setup on back, a unibody metal design in four stunning and sleek colors, a fingerprint scanner, 2,800 mAh battery and a micro-SD card. Changing to an all metal design had many worried that these key features would be lost, like Samsung did with the Galaxy S6, but that’s not the case.

LG G5 Release Details

The LG G5 release date should be the same day, simultaneously across the globe. This means that it will hit all carriers in the United States, select international markets, and all others around the same day. At least that’s what LG is hoping for. Last year it was available in Korea for over a month before it arrived in the US.

So when will it be available? So far LG hasn’t given us an exact date, but we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Countless rumors have somewhat confirmed the LG G5 will be released before the end of March. In fact, Evan Blass (known as @evleaks) suggests it will be released before the end of March. A similar report surfaced out of Korea, but we’ll have to wait and see when the LG G5 release date actually arrives.

U.S. Release Date

According to LG this morning, the new G5 smartphone will be released simultaneously throughout the globe. This means it won’t hit Korea or international markets first, with customers in the United States waiting patiently.

LG aims to deliver the LG G5 to over 100 regions and nearly 180 countries hopefully on the same day. We’re not sure if they’ll be able to deliver on that promise, but they came close last year, and look prepared to battle the Galaxy S7 in early March.

AT&T is the first US carrier to confirm the LG G5

AT&T is the first US carrier to confirm the LG G5

The official LG website already has an LG G5 registration page, where we expect pre-orders to open at once that’s announced, and AT&T has confirmed the LG G5 release as well, but again, no exact date has been given.

Moments ago Sprint confirmed the LG G5 is coming soon, and Verizon announced their LG G5 release date is set for “this Spring”. Our unit we tested was a Verizon LG G5, which worked great. Verizon confirmed they’ll only offer it in Silver and Black. The other two colors won’t be available from Verizon. Vodafone and others in regions outside of the United States have started making announcements as well, but no where is an actual concrete LG G5 release date. We’ll keep our eyes out for one though.

LG G5 Colors

We don’t have hand-made leather like last year, but the LG G5 still has great color options. Buyers will be happy to know the LG G5 will come in four beautiful brushed aluminum colors. Those being Titan Black (aluminum), Silver, Gold, and Pink Gold. Below are all four LG G5 colors buyers should be able to choose from.


Verizon confirmed they’ll have silver and Titan Black, but they’re the only carrier with specific details about color options. AT&T posted a photo showing all four colors, but only shows their logo on the silver and gold model, so we’re not sure what they’ll have available but buyers may be able to choose from all colors.

We’re expecting each carrier in the United States to make additional announcements as the release nears. And for those wondering, Verizon said it’s coming this Spring. Spring begins March 20th and ends in June. Meaning it could be anywhere between then. That said, one source suggests before the end of March, and we doubt LG will wait until after early April, especially with the Galaxy S7 release date being March 11th. It’s biggest competition is coming, so LG needs to hurry with the G5 release.


All four color variants look great in person, but Gold and the Pinkish Rose Gold have been increasingly more popular as of late, especially with the iPhone 6s. Hopefully more details continue to emerge over the course of the next few weeks.

LG G5 Price

Neither LG nor its carrier partners in the United States have confirmed the LG G4 price, and the same goes for international carriers. However, last year the LG G4 was released at a price point slightly lower than the Galaxy S6 to be competitive. While the Galaxy S6 was $649 or more from most, the LG G4 was only $599 or even $549 from Verizon Wireless.


Most likely carriers in the United States will offer it on monthly payment plans from $24-$29 a month, or $600 outright. At the same time, this phone has a metal design with three cameras and a new fingerprint scanner, so a more familiar $649 price point may be coming. As soon as we know, we’ll update with all the details.

LG G5 Deals

So far we’ve received no details regarding any potential LG G5 deals. That said, last year LG hit the marketing hard and offered free 128GB micro-SD cards, a free battery and charging cradle for the replaceable battery and more. This was a big move targeted at the Galaxy S6, and it proved very popular for LG.

This year the Galaxy S7 will have a micro-SD slot, and probably offer a similar deal as LG last year, so we’re expecting tons of incentives for this phone.


Hopefully the LG G5 will be sold with a free replaceable battery, maybe a micro-SD card of some sort and more. T-Mobile offered LG G4 deals last year too, trying to get customers to buy theirs rather than another carrier. The market is getting increasingly more competitive, so expect some decent LG G5 deals the day it becomes available.

We could also see some of the unique accessories come bundled with the phone. Like the LG CAMPlus or 360 VR camera. Stay tuned for more details, and we’ll add additional information as soon as an official LG G5 release date is revealed.

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