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LG, Google to Cozy Up Again with New Nexus 5, Nexus 7.7



It looks like after what appears to be a successful Nexus 4 partnership, hardware-maker LG will once again partner up with the Android OS-maker to deliver two new Nexus products, the Nexus 5 smartphone and a Nexus 7.7 tablet.

Nexus 5.5 Smartphone

The LG-made Nexus 5 is rumored to debut with a 5-inch display, and not the 5.5-inch full HD panel that LG’s been rumored to sport on its new Optimus G2 phone arriving sometime this year. The Nexus 5, like the HTC Droid DNA, would have a full 1080p HD panel on its 5-inch display. The phone would use NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor and have 2 GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera. It’s unclear if this camera module is the same 13-megapixel sensor that’s found on the international and Sprint version of the current Optimus G, or if it’s a newer Sony Exmor sensor that will debut on the Sony Xperia Z smartphone. Like today’s Nexus 4, the Nexus 5’s 8 GB model is said to debut at $299, making it an affordable option given that it requires no contract or carrier subsidies.


As shown, LG-made Google Nexus 4 smartphone

Nexus 7.7 Tablet

Additionally, it looks like LG may have won the tablet bid with the next generation of Nexus tablets, replacing Asus on the current Nexus 7 with a Nexus 7.7 model. The Nexus 7.7 will have a high resolution 1920 X 1200-pixel display with a 294 ppi, according to Phone Arena. With a 7.7-inch panel the Nexus tablet will be inching closer to Apple’s heavily marketed iPad mini with a 7.9-inch display. The Nexus 7.7 will use the Tegra 4 CPU from NVIDIA and will start with 8 GB of storage. The slate will also have front-facing and rear-facing cameras, though the exact specs are unknown.

Google I/O, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

Google is expected to host its developer-focused Google I/O conference in May, and the venue will likely debut these two new hardware models alongside a new version of Android known as Android Key Lime Pie, which may get the Android 5.0 version number.

NVIDIA Tegra 4

If in fact early development of Key Lime Pie was centered around the NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset, as the new Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 suggest, it would be a huge win for NVIDIA as the last time its chipset was the center of Google’s Android development was on the Motorola Xoom, which used the Tegra 2 dual-core CPU.


LG has announced its aggressive turnaround plan to be more competitive in the phone market with plans to ship 75 million phones, of which 45 million will be smartphones. Its partnership with Google for the Nexus 4 had helped to increase the visibility of LG as a phone-maker and the continued partnership will likely help to benefit LG.



  1. George

    01/17/2013 at 7:41 am

    haha apple being squeezed all ways here, brilliant. and this is obviously the REAL reason for the stock issues with the nexus 4 – they’re being run down deliberately ready for this beast.

    kinda glad i didnt manage to grab a 4 now…will keep the trusty galaxy nexus until this arrives.

  2. deerrrrrrrr

    01/17/2013 at 3:05 pm

    The last time Nvidia’s chipset was the center of Google’s Android development was the Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7….

  3. Ashley

    01/18/2013 at 8:14 pm

    its great to here that Google to Launch Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 in May…Google I/O 2013 may be four months away, but there are already speculation on what Google is planning to launch at its annual conference. Read More..

  4. Anthony1984

    02/12/2013 at 8:04 am

    Damn, only 8 GB again? Don’t these companies know that 8 GB is not enough for a tablet? All tablets should come with at least 16 GB, like the iPad and Kindle Fire.

  5. ClickD1492

    03/17/2013 at 10:30 pm

    Well, I was JUST about to click the “buy it now” button on a Nexus4 this week. Glad I stumbled on this little article today. If the Nexus5 is even close to the Galaxy S4 in terms of specs and performance, but at a lower price, I’m in!

    But as pointed out by Anthony: why start at 8GB of memory? OK, so it’s really inexpensive and keeps the cost of an entry-level model down low. However, is 16GB really that much more $$ to add to a base model? Surely, there is no real reason why the models could not be 16/32 or even 32/64GB. Or why not have three models: 16/32/64? Or put in a microSD slot. Put the onus on the user to upgrade the memory. It’s cheap enough if we want to add a card of our choosing later.

    Keep up the good work, Google. Bring us more quality products!

  6. Sonido

    04/08/2013 at 1:03 am

    I’m really excited for this new tablet they’re gonna be releasing, especially since it’ll be rocking a Tegra 4 chip and not the ageing Tegra 3. The Tegra 3 isn’t bad, but from my use of the Nexus 7, it’s starting to show its age, especially in higher-end games. I’m a bit peeved that the new Nexus tablet is going to be 7.7″ and not just 7″ like the Nexus 7. My Nexus 7 was the perfect size for all types of multimedia consumption such as gaming, web browsing and watching videos. I wish they could also perhaps make a more premium model with a back-facing camera and expandable storage. That’d be something I’d be willing to pay extra cash for, perhaps up to $350, since there aren’t many high-end tablets with a 7-inch form factor besides the Nexus 7 and the iPad mini.

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