LG V510 Tablet is the Nexus 8, According to Speculations
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LG V510 Tablet is the Nexus 8, According to Speculations



After the LG V510 tablet codename was released by the Bluetooth SIG certification filings, it has been speculated that the device may be a 4G LTE-enabled version of the 8.3-inch LG G Pad tablet. Now, it looks like we have some unofficial confirmation of that fact.

According to a tweet published by @evleaks, who has a good track record of releasing accurate information prior to product launches, the LG V510 will be a Nexus device. @evleaks says the information comes “via tip,” but he did not release the source of that tip.

“The LG V510 tablet is indeed a Nexus Device,” he wrote on Twitter and also posted an image of some code that contains the model number, along with the “buyer” information being “USG/GOOGLE_OPEN_16G(UNITED STATES)” suggesting that Google is the buyer of the tablet.


Neither LG nor Google has announced the LG V510.

Google had worked closely with LG in the past, rebranding a number of flagship LG devices with some design twists and selling them under the Nexus umbrella. The LG Nexus 4 from last year is seen as an LG Optimus G smartphone with a different cosmetic exterior while this year’s Nexus 5 device borrows its internals and specs from the LG G2 flagship. Likely, an LG V510 tablet will borrow its specs from the G Pad, though Google may make changes cosmetically or update some of the internal specs if it chooses to.

An 8-inch Nexus would not only grow the Nexus tablet family for Google, but will also allow Google to have an answer to Apple’s iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina Display, the former costing $300. Given that the Nexus 7 now starts at $229 and Apple’s iPad mini is priced at $300, Google will have some room to offer a competitive tablet and undercut Apple on price. The Retina Display model of Apple’s 7.9-inch tablet costs $400.

The 8-inch tablet category is growing. Samsung has a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 as well as a Galaxy Note 8.0 in this form factor. Additionally, a number of Windows 8 tablets based on Intel’s Atom chipset is also coming to market with this screen size and we recently reviewed the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

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