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LifeProof Announces Smart Mounting System for Active Users



LifeProof is one of the go to brands for active users and the new LifeActiv solution is a smart mounting system that uses magnets and a secure lock solution to keep your iPhone or Android connected to handlebars, a belt, your arm and basically any place you’d want to connect and mount your device.

A QuickMount Adapter connects to the back of your device, on a LifeProof case, another case or right to your iPhone or Android if you want to. The adapter is included with each accessory or is $19.95 individually.

The LifeProof LifeActiv system includes a series of smart mounts for iPhone and Android.

The LifeProof LifeActiv system includes a series of smart mounts for iPhone and Android.

LifeProof sells five different mounting solutions to keep your smartphone where you need it, when you need it. The mounts run $29.99 to $49.99 depending what you need. The QuickMount adapter and the mounts use magnets to guide the phone into place, and then there is a secure lock that users can twist to make the whole solution secure. LifeProof demonstrated this and the Suction Mount held an iPhone in place very well, even with a lot of shaking.

  • ArmBand – LifeProof is still finalizing the design of this $49 mount that will use the QuickMount adapter.
  • Belt Clip – Clip to your belt, bag or purse with this $29 mounting option.
  • Bike + Bar Mount – Use this $39 solution to mount the iPhone or Android to the handlebars on your bike or to a pole where you need the iPhone.
  • Multi-Purpose Mount – Use this $29 option to connect to a wall, dash, desk or basically anywhere you want to mount your phone.
  • Suction Mount – Use the $39 suction mount to connect to a windshield for hands-free driving.

Overall this is a smart mounting system that shows a lot of promise, and it offers a variety of options to connect your iPhone or Android to almost anything you want in a variety of situations. The LifeActive mounting system will launch soon.

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