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Lumia Now Overtakes Droid On Google Search



It looks like in under a year since Nokia had debuted the Lumia series of Windows Phone devices, the Lumia brand is now gaining mind share against more stablished product lines, such as Motorola Mobility’s Droid series based on Google’s Android operating system. According to the latest Google search statistics, it appears that the search term ‘Lumia’ has now overtaken ‘Droid’ on the Internet giant’s search service, reports WMPU.

The Lumia brand’s growing popularity is not surprising considering the huge investment behind the product line by Nokia and Microsoft. And last month, editor Josh Smith from GottaBeMobile suggested that Lumia could do for Windows Phone what Droid did for Android. Prior to the Droid franchise and Verizon’s and Motorola’s huge marketing push, Android did not have much momentum and suffered from low market share numbers. In comparison, market share for Windows Phone is still low, but it appears that Microsoft and Nokia are gaining mind share and that could potentially explode into large market share gains in the future akin to what happened with the Droid brand.

And it looks like Lumia’s competitors are being very cautious of Nokia’s efforts and aren’t dismissing Lumia right now according to WMPU. Verizon, which had backed Android heavily with the Droid campaign and is now a heavy iOS player, recently bought the Lumia keyword search on Twitter. When users search Lumia on Twitter, Verizon Wireless would pop up. Similarly, Samsung, which is most well known for its Android efforts in the U.S., had done the same thing and when users search Lumia, Samsung Mobile would appear.

And according to PhoneArena, even when compared against newer Android franchises, like Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the Nexus, Galaxy Nexus, and others, Lumia is faring competitively well in Google search.

And like how Verizon is a heavy backer of Droid and Android in the early days, Microsoft has a strong carrier proponent in the U.S. in the form of wireless carrier AT&T. However, given AT&T is also heavily pushing Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Apple’s iPhone in the U.S., it’s unclear how committed the carrier is to Windows Phone.


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1 Comment

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    05/21/2012 at 7:06 pm

    What else is Azure going to do with their spare cycles? Cure cancer?

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