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25 Madden 17 Tips & Tricks



Madden 17 Tips for a Better Defense

Now that you know the basics of winning more online games in Madden 17, here are the Madden 17 tips you need to dominate on defense. With these tips in hand, you can stop the run, block key throws and limit where your opponent can go in Madden 17.

How to Stop the Aggressive Catch in Madden 17

In Madden 17 the aggressive catch is toned down, but you need to switch to the defender and hold X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to swat the ball out of the receiver’s hands.

This increases your chance at pulling the ball out of the receiver’s hands or swat it up into the air for a chance that one of your team mates will catch it.

This gives you a better chance at stopping the completion than using Y or Triangle on PS4 which go for the interception.

How to Use Madden 17 Zone Coverage

With the new Madden 17 zone defense options you can use to your advantage. In the video above you’ll learn why you need to use a hard flat on 3rd and 1. You’ll also learn about pattern matching that allows your defense to adapt to the offense and make the play.

How to Stop the Run in Madden 17

You can use the new GAP assignments and smart play choices to stop the run on Madden 17. Defensive players are responsible for a gap, and as long as they don’t blow the gap.

Hold the right stick left or right to see the gap assignment. This is especially important if you are controlling a linebacker or lineman. You can also use a Force player and a Cutback player. The force player tries to keep the running inside, and the cutback will be ready for a running back who tries to switch directions.

How to Win Tackle Battles

In Madden 17 you can now take part in a Tackle Battle. This plays a role in offense and defense. When you are running the ball a button will flash on the screen and if you are the first to push it, you win the battle. On offense this means you break the tackle and get more yards or even go for the score. On defense it means you make the tackle and stop your opponent before they break upfield. Pay attention to the screen and prepare to quickly tap the button you see. This is essential to winning games in Madden 17.

How to Strip the Ball in Madden 17

When you are about to sack the quarterback or your pursuing the running back you can strip the ball in Madden 17 by using RB or R1. This will take longer to bring someone down, but it can also result in a turnover so there is a reward to go along with the risk.

How to Stop Mobile Quarterback

This is how to stop a mobile QB in the backfield so that they cannot break out a run that damages all your great defense so far.

Choose a Defensive formation with four defenders on the line. Hold the left trigger and press RB which will choose QB contain. This will put your outside linebackers into contain so they will keep the QB from scrambling outside the pocket.

Here’s a more advanced tutorial that will allow you to really keep quarterbacks in check if your opponent is able to get around the basics.

Best Madden 17 Blitzes

When you get started, look for a simple blitz that works and you can control. This is an option that allows you too blitz without worrying about all kinds of pre-snap setup.

This is another option that offers a good Madden 17 blitz, but you need to do a few adjustments to make it work well.

How to Block Field Goals and Punts in Madden 17

To block a kick in Madden 17 you need to time it right and choose a play that includes kick blockers in it. You will know that this is the right play if you see two or three players with a B over their heads. These are your blockers. As soon as the snap comes, rush in and press X to dive in front of the ball or Y to jump for the block.

You need to make sure you press right trigger or R2 as soon as the ball is snapped or you don’t have a chance. Don’t run into the kicker or you will get a penalty.

Madden 17 Offense Tips

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