25 Madden 17 Tips & Tricks
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25 Madden 17 Tips & Tricks



Madden 17 Ultimate Team Tips

This year there are changes to Madden 17 Ultimate Team including chemistry and new challenges.

Here are the starter packs you need to choose, how to earn coins easily to get over a million Madden 17 Ultimate Team Coins without spending your cash and what Madden 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry is.

Madden 17 Ultimate Team Starter Pack Tips

When you start Madden 17, you need to choose a Starter Pack. here are the top five according to Zfarls, which will set you up for the first 50 to 100 games as you build up your team.

How to Get Madden 17 Coins Easy in MUT

Even if you love Madden 17 Ultimate Team for the online competition, you need to go into the solo challenges to get a ton of coins. Many of the Madden 17 challenges aren’t hard to beat, thought they do take up some of your time.

If you beat all the team challenges you will get 435,200 coins, which is a lot of coins to unlock packs and find players. You also get 352 packs and player items in these solo challenges.

Go into the Gauntlet to earn players and you’ll get 63,000 coins and high rated players including a 88 rated Joe Hayden that you get to keep. Complete Madden 17 Ultimate Season to get 84,100 coins and player packs.

When you dive into the rest of the Madden 17 solo challenges you can get more players, and get Madden 17 coins without buying in game currency through the store.

Understand Madden 17 MUT Chemistry

When you play Madden 17 Ultimate Team, you now need to deal with MUT Chemistry. This is a new team boosting feature that will help you understand how this will impact your team and how good you do on the field.

You’ll see these on the right side of the screen to adjust chemistry for big boosts to your gameplay. You need to fill up all five parts of the circle and then you will get a boost to the game.

This is a longer video, but it is essential if you are going to play Madden 17 Ultimate Team.

Madden 17 Special Teams Tips

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