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Madden 19 Features Wishlist: 9 Changes We Want



What new Madden 19 features will EA add this year? Last year we saw Longshot add a new story mode, key upgrades to Madden Ultimate Team and some nice changes to gameplay, but there is still room for improvement. We expect EA will build on the Frostbite graphics and the story mode to convince gamers that Madden 19 is worth buying, but details are light on exact changes. Here are the changes and new Madden 19 features we want to see in 2018.

EA is working on Madden 19 and thanks to some of the comments made to investors we have a good idea of some Madden 19 changes from Madden 18, at least based on where EA will spend their time. Thanks to job postings we also know some additional areas that the EA Sport team is focusing on for Madden 19 and beyond.

We expect the Madden 19 release date in August, but we should learn more about what Madden 19 has to offer in April or May and even more in June during EA Play that takes place alongside E3 2018.

Here are the Madden 19 features we want, key fixes we’d love to see in Madden 19 game modes and other new changes that we hope EA is focused on.

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Grind Mode

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Grind Mode

With Madden 18 Ultimate Team mode quickly became a grind fest to unlock all of the weekly challenges, which wouldn't be as bad if there was a quick way to play through a series of challenges and games. 

In Madden 18 you had to finish a challenge, go back out tap through a few reward screens at the end of the game. Once that was done you'd need to pick the next challenge and tap through a few screens and listen to one of the few introduction options before you could start playing. If you wanted to get through a few challenges fast, this slowed you down. 

I want to see EA add in a Grind mode that embraces the game they are delivering. Allow me to choose next challenge at the end of a game and go straight into it. This would be even better if they pre-load the game so you can jump straight into the play selection instead of dealing with announcers pretending it is the start of the game when you are playing a 2 minute drill in the fourth. 

This would allow me to play more Madden 19 Ultimate Team Challenges and for users who want to complete sets and unlock better players it would be an epic upgrade. 



  1. Amir N.Brown

    04/10/2018 at 1:17 pm

    Just like NBA 2k.. We don’t need every super bowl winning team of all time.. It would be great to have a ultimate team for every Franchise.. regardless of Super bowls won. Make a ultimate team for all the franchises, with the best players that franchise team ever had..

  2. Josh

    05/19/2018 at 7:18 pm

    They Need To Bring Back Assistant Coaches. Let Us Make Former Head Coaches Assistants if we wish. The thing Iloved About the old Madden Games was signing Coaches. Not Only Head Coaches but Assistants too.

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