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Men Prefer Android and Women Favor iPhones



While Android, iOS, and BlackBerry are current leaders in the smartphone war in the U.S., a recent Nielsen survey finds that men prefer Android as a platform while iPhones were favored by the female gender. However, in a market where iOS and BlackBerry have each captured 27 percent market share and Android trailing by 3 percent with a 24 percent market share, iPhone seems to be the winner as 35 percent of those planning to buy a smartphone would want an iPhone whereas only 28% of new smartphone owners are set on Android.

What’s interesting in the Nielsen survey is that men favored Android (33 percent) to iOS (29 percent) and women favored iOS (31 percent) over Android (23 percent).

Given the preference data by gender, and also the data that future smartphone buyers prefer iOS iPhones, could it be that more women are adopting smartphones? Or is Apple swaying the male vote for those who haven’t already purchased a smartphone?

Via: AllThingsD

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