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Microsoft Claims 98% of Phones Were Smoked By Windows Phone



Microsoft’s Smoked By Windows Phone has proven successful for the company’s struggling platform, with Microsoft claiming that 98% of all contests result in a Windows Phone win.

The stat comes from a blog post on the Windows Phone Blog from Windows Phone Evangelist Ben Rudolph. According to Rudolph, more than 50,000 smartphone users tried their hand at the Smoked By Windows Phone challenge. Of those users, only 638 users won, while 50,675 were “smoked” since the contest started at CES 2012.

That number doesn’t come without a touch of controversy, however. There was the recent incident when a blogger actually won the contest, but actually “lost” on a technicality. Microsoft eventually reversed the decision, but not after the story blew up online.

The tests involved famously favor Windows Phone features while downplaying the phones weaknesses. One test involves taking a photo and posting it to Facebook, a process which is very simple on Windows Phone, while not as fast on Android and iOS. Users can accomplish that particular task on Windows Phone before an Android or iOS user can think of how they plan to tackle it.–4k&feature=relmfu

While geeks can find such holes in the promotion, it does serve the purpose of showing off the strengths of Windows Phone to the general public. Microsoft offers users that lose the challenge a free Windows Phone, which helps in getting the platform into the hands of more users.

Some smartphone users just want a phone that will let them share a photo to Facebook quickly or easily find nearby restaurants. Smoked By Windows Phone shows those users that Windows Phone can do those things. If more casual users switch to Windows Phone because of the challenge, it could mean good things for the Windows Phone ecosystem going forward, as long as Microsoft doesn’t alienate those users with Windows Phone 8.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tuur

    05/09/2012 at 1:08 am

    I would like to buy an WinPhone but there was recently some discution about the fact whether current WP devices could upgrade towards the future WP 8 OS.
    Is there any confirmation about this already via MSFT?

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