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Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Better Browsing in Windows 10



A lot of things about Windows 10 shocked industry insiders the world over. The free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer certainly turned heads. So did Microsoft’s decision to bring back the Start Menu. For long time users of the internet, none of these came close to Microsoft’s decision to basically freeze Internet Explorer in time and create Microsoft Edge.

Tucked into every Windows 10 PC, whether it’s been upgraded from an older operating system or purchased with the operating already on it, Microsoft Edge is Internet Explorer’s direct successor. It seems that teams within the company finally threw in the towel after years of improving Internet Explorer with barely any turnaround in the amount of people choosing to use it.

Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10.

Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10.

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Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is built for the modern Windows user. It’s mouse-friendly, but it’s also touch-friendly. The company even added some cool things for users to do with digital pens, like take notes. A modern engine allows it to render the web in much the same way that Google Chrome and Firefox do. The Cortana personal assistant lives in the browser too, offering tips and shopping discounts when they’re needed. A new browser packed with all this new stuff means there’s a lot to learn.

Here are 7 Microsoft Edge tips and tricks. Mastering these will make the time you spend browsing in Windows 10’s new default web experience that much more enjoyable.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Taking Notes with A Pen


When it revealed Edge, one of the things Microsoft hoped to get users fired up about was the browser’s note taking abilities. Users that have a device with a pen can sketch all over their favorite websites, then share what they’ve done to OneNote or a friend. To do this, just tap or click on the tiny writing icon that’s one space over from the right edge of your screen.

It’s a great way to share pages and information in emails, though it does take some getting used to.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Earn Rewards Points by Just Browsing

You can rack up Microsoft Rewards points for searching with Bing and using Microsoft Edge to browse your favorite websites. Just sign up for Microsoft Rewards here.

The points can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes entries and Microsoft Store credit.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Add Extensions from the Windows Store

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When creating a new browser, you have to be ready on the first day with features from other browsers that people deem essential. Not launching with Extensions was a huge missed opportunity for Microsoft, one that industry insiders and casual users wouldn’t let them forget. This past summer, they finally arrived.

Extensions allow you to block ads, analyze web pages for issues, save your favorite stories and add custom buttons to the Microsoft Edge experience. Edge extensions are available to download directly from the Windows Store.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Using the Share Charm


If you look carefully at your Microsoft Edge window, you may notice an icon with multiple circles in it. That’s the Share Charm and it allows you to share your favorite websites and links.

Simply tap on the Share Charm and you’ll get a list of apps installed that can do something with that link. Cortana, for example, can remind you to look at that web page later. Pocket will do the same, but sync that link to your iPhone or Android device. Twitter and Facebook both integrate with the Share Charm too.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Disable the Newsfeed


Microsoft Edge doesn’t default to Bing Search and it doesn’t take you to Instead, every new browser window and new tab open to something Microsoft calls the Newsfeed. Essentially, these are articles taken directly from MSN based on your tastes.

The Newsfeed can get very annoying, especially when it keeps spewing stories that you don’t care about. Turn it off.

Click the three dots in the top-right corner of Microsoft Edge. Next, tap or click on Settings. Inside the settings, look for a drop-down menu labeled “Open New Tabs With.” Switch this to Top Sites or Blank Page.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Importing Your Favorites

Don’t lose your favorites from Internet Explorer or Chrome. Using the importer, you can add them to Microsoft Edge. Tap or click on the three dots. Next select Settings. Select Favorites Settings. In this menu should be listed all the browsers currently installed on your machine. You select the corresponding check to add its favorites to Edge’s favorites.

Microsoft Edge Tips & Tricks: Going back to Internet Explorer


Microsoft hopes that you won’t ever go back to Internet Explorer. Occasionally, you’re going to run into websites that just will not work in Edge. When you do, tap or click on the three dots and select Open in Internet Explorer.

Good luck using Microsoft Edge.

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