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Microsoft’s Campaign Attracts 3,200+ Malware Infected Android Users



Earlier in the week, we had reported a Twitter campaign ran by the Windows Phone team asking for the worse malware stories on the Android platform for a chance to win a new Windows Phone 7 handset. It seems that the buzz around that campaign–and recent woes of malware targeted at both U.S. and international users on Google’s mobile platform–had generated over 3,200 entries from Android users who claim or believe that they’ve been a victim of Android security woes.

Users of the campaign were asked to send in their malware stories with the hash tag #DroidRage.

In a twist of irony, though Microsoft’s campaign is focused on the security shortcomings of its bigger mobile platform rival, a recently uncovered security flaw on Windows Phone 7 targets the messaging app. The flaw exposes a Mango device so that anyone can send a Windows Phone user an SMS to reboot the phone and disable the messaging app.

It’s unclear how many of these unfortunate Android users Microsoft will select to get a free Windows Phone smartphone, but the trend is apparent. As smartphones become more powerful and as users carry and port more content with them on mobile devices, malware will continue to grow and be a cause of concern in the future. That concern will be exacerbated by the fact that smartphone adoption is growing and there will be more users to target.

Via: WinRumors

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