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MiFi Travel Kit Looks to Cut Down On Those Ridiculous Costs When Overseas



If you travel overseas you know the story. Even if you have a phone that is equipped to use overseas networks you’ll pay an arm, two legs, and half of your child’s college savings to use it when you travel. And that’s if you keep the data beneath whatever plan you pay out the nose for. Take out a second mortgage if you exceed the limit. Well, maybe this will help change that.

XCom Global is offering a MiFi rental service that provides you with a MiFi card (3G) and SIM cards for each country you are traveling to for $17.95 a day. That daily fee gives you unlimited 3G data access.

You make the order and the kit is shipped to you before you depart. It looks like you also get the appropriate adapters for the charger so you can juice up along your journey. An extra $3 a day gets you an extra battery as well. If you’re traveling alone this obviously makes sense from a cost savings standpoint, but if you’re traveling with family or a group this is a solution that will allow multiple devices to take advantage of the one MiFi hotspot.

Via ZDNet

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bgmaclean

    04/08/2011 at 5:16 pm

    Did this very thing on a recent trip to Paris and Italy. My wife and I had our iPhones and iPads with us and use the mifi as needed. It was small and carried it in my pocket during the day. At night we plugged the mifi in and all family members could use it. Great solution for families with multiple users. Xcom was great to deal with.

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