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MLB At Bat App Updated for 2014, Subscription Auto-Renewals Incoming



The MLB At Bat mobile app has been updated for the 2014 season for both iOS and Android devices, with one of the biggest changes being the all-new look that compliments iOS 7 on iPhone and iPad.

Photos and videos are a big part of MLB At Bat, and they’re given more attention than ever before, with photos spanning the entire width of the app and videos playing inline with related content. Previously, videos would pop out and load separately. However, you can still tap a full-screen button to make the video expand the entire screen size.

MLB At Bat

There are also subtle changes that some avid baseball fans will recognize, including how text and link highlights appear in the app based on what team you pick as your favorite. San Francisco Giants fans would see orange highlights throughout the app, while Red Sox fans would see red. Of course, this doesn’t add to the functionality of the app, but it gives it more personality and provides a sense that the app was catered toward the user.

Subscriptions for MLB At Bat remain the same as last season: $19.99 for the entire season or an auto-renewed $2.99 per month until the end of the season. This is different than MLB.TV subscriptions, which start at $110 for the entire season (but you’ll want the $130 subscription, since it comes with a MLB At Bat subscription and the ability to watch on nearly any device).

Of course, you can simply just opt for the $20/season MLB At Bat subscription, which is enough for the casual baseball fan. This allows you to listen to home or away radio broadcasts with no blackout restrictions, and you can still take advantage of the Game of the Day, which lets you watch one game per day for free, as long as you’re out of the blackout restricted zones.


Lastly, be aware of those auto-renewals. You’ll likely receive a reminder email, but if you don’t want to continue your subscription from last season, the deadline to cancel usually arrives on the first of March, which is just a couple of days away.

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