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Modern Combat 5 Trailers Show The Next Leap In Mobile Graphics



Today Gameloft unveiled its E3 trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, Modern Combat 5, the latest in the publisher’s line of modern shooters.

The trailer shows off locations of the new shooter with some impressive graphics and lighting effects as well as a few seconds of what looks like gameplay footage. Unsurprisingly, the game features locations in European cities, lots of guns and a helicopter or two.

The trailer is very reminiscent of that latest games in EA’s Battlefield series, which is one of the obvious inspirations of the mobile FPS. Of course the game also takes a few cues from the Call of Duty franchise which kicked off the modern shooter craze with Modern Warfare a few years ago.

While the Modern Combat series liberally borrows from its console and PC competitors, that doesn’t make the game look any less impressive. The environments look almost on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though it’s still obviously a mobile game.

The lighting effects in particular show off what Gameloft’s engine is capable of producing on the iPhone and iPad. Light shines through windows, casting shadows behind statues and reflects off the surface of the water (which looks impressive in its own right).


The gameplay looks about the same as other Modern Combat games. Players run around the map trying to shoot as many other players as possible before dying. The most exciting segment shows gunners in helicopters flying above the streets trying to take each other down. There’s also a short segment that shows the player on a boat trying to kill their pursuers, which looks exciting.

Modern Combat 5 will come to iPhone, iPad and Android devices sometime later this year. There’s no release date for the game, though it will likely come out sometime around the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts in November.

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