The Momentum WiFi Camera is a great WiFi security camera under $50 that includes features typically found on more expensive models. This is an indoor security camera that you can place anywhere in your house or office where there is a power outlet. You get notifications for movement and you can listen to audio and talk to people through the camera.

The Momentum WIFI camera connects to your home internet so you can see when someone is in your house even if you aren’t. This is designed to be used inside and to monitor inside a house. It’s not something you will want to stick in a window to look outside your house as the glass and other lights will limit your image quality.

The Momentum Wifi camera is easy to set up and use.
Momentum WIFI Camera
Good features and video quality for the price
Easy to setup and install
Nest Integration
Built-in Night Vision
Need a monthly subscription for full feature use
No 1080P video support
The Momentum WIFI Camera is a great wireless security camera under $50, but you'll need the subscription for alerts.

Inside our office the 720P resolution provided a good enough image quality to see what is going on and to capture faces in the room, which is what you would want if someone broke in. It includes a night mode that is good, but not as great looking as the full light mode. We could still make out faces when someone was close, and it detected motion at a good distance in the dark, but it’s not as easy to distinguish a face at longer distances in the dark.

Setting up the Momentum WIFI camera is simple. You can set it on a stand or mount it to a wall with an included mount and a drill. You then connect it to WiFi using the free app. The camera includes 30 days of cloud storage, and after that you can choose a plan that record and stores 7 days of events or 30 days of events at $5 or $10 a month. There is a Micro SD card slot so you can record to locally without a subscription plan. You will need the subscription to get the notification that motion or sound is detected, but the camera will still record locally if you don’t have a plan.

The Momentum Wifi camera is easy to set up and use.
The Momentum Wifi camera is easy to set up and use.

You can set up rules on when to record and what to do if motion or sound is detected, including recording video and pushing a notification. The push notifications are useful since they allow you to know when motion or sound is detected and check in on your home. If you don’t have the cloud backup, someone could simply take the camera with them and you wouldn’t have the video or photos.

We like that you can talk to people through the camera, which can act as a deterrent if someone is in your house or it can simply let you talk to a family member, room mate or your pets while you are out.

The app works very well, but you should plan on the subscription if you want full feature access.
The app works very well, but you should plan on the subscription if you want full feature access.

Even without a subscription or a notification you can open up the camera to see a live stream of the camera’s view and then you can talk, take a picture or record from there. The camera supports integration with NEST and with other momentum products.

The Momentum 720P WiFi Camara is a great WIFi security camera for the price, and an easy way to add multiple cameras inside your home without breaking the bank. The Momentum WIFI Camera is $39.84 at Walmart, $89.99 for a two pack at Target and also available direct from Momentum for $44.95.


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