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Moto 360 2nd Gen Release: Everything You Need to Know



Moto 360 2nd Gen Price

Moto 360 2nd Gen Price

As we mentioned above the new Moto 360 starts at $299, but that's just for the base model with a regular leather strap. Additional charges can be applied for more customization, Horween leather, stainless steel bands, gold color options, and the bigger 46mm watch face. The Gold body adds another $30.

The 46mm watch starts at $349

The 42mm women's Moto 360 starts off at $329, not $299.

The most expensive option with all the fancy features tops out at $429, making it still an excellent choice compared to the Apple Watch. At the same time, there's almost too many options. So many that I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want.

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