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Moto X Price Permanently Drops to $399



After temporarily dropping the price of the Moto X down to just $349 for Cyber Monday, Motorola has now permanently dropped the price down to $399, which is just $50 more than what it was priced at when it was on sale.

This new $399 price is available straight from Motorola and without a contract. This new deal also includes Moto Maker, which allows you customize your Moto X to your liking by giving the phone your favorite colors, but it seems the new bamboo wood option will cost you an extra $100 if you want to tack that on.

Moto X

Still, that leaves the price of a bamboo-laden Moto X at just $499, which isn’t too bad considering the Motorola handset is one of the best smartphones on the market due to its features. It’s certainly not the fastest phone when you look at hardware specs, but it can be argued that specs aren’t everything when it comes to smartphones.

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Most importantly, the new Moto X price puts the phone in better competition with Google’s Nexus 5, which is priced starting at $349. Of course, the Moto X and Nexus 5 are from the same company, since Google owns Motorola. However, both phones serve different purposes, where the Nexus 5 appeals more toward power users, while the Moto X usually appeals to everyday consumers.

Then again, the new $399 price tag of the Moto X is pretty appealing to any user, and Motorola should hopefully be looking forward to increased sales to start out 2014.



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