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Moto X Pure Edition vs Galaxy Note 5: What to Know





This year the Galaxy Note 5 comes in White, Sapphire Black, Gold, and a new Titanium Silver. However, carriers only have black and white, Sprint has gold, and Silver will not be offered in the United States. That means buyers only have a few choices.

Motorola though, gives buyers nearly endless options from the storage amount, color of the aluminum sides, and even the build materials on back. The Moto X will be customizable on with tons of options. Everything from 3 colors for the aluminum design. White, Black or Gold, and over 20 different colors for the device. Not to mention the usual leather backs, natural wood backs, and new to this year are rubber choices. Then metallic colors for the customizable accents, buttons, and the metal strip down the back. The Moto X is also water-resistant.

If you want choice go with the Moto X, if you want a premium device that you know is one of the best in the world, pay up for the Galaxy Note 5.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MotoLover

    09/11/2015 at 9:28 pm

    Motorola offers $25/mo for 24 month financing so similar to financing by carriers – insurance is $80 for 2 years coverage. So much better than the carriers and it’s truly unlocked so no longer prisoner to Verizon and it is CDMA compatible

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