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Motorola Announces Defy+ Rugged Android Phone for Everywhere But U.S.



Motorola made its Defy+ Android smartphone official as the updated successor to the Defy. Though the Defy+ retains many of the specs and the exact hardware as the Defy, it does have a beefier 1 GHz processor, up from the original’s 800 MHz, and like the original the Defy+ will be ‘life proof’ as in you can throw water, dust, dirt, and the elements at the handset and it will still work. Though rugged, the Gingerbread-poewred Defy+ still maintains an attractive tuxedo black and white trim that at first glance wouldn’t reveal its more hardy roots. Also improved is the battery, which is now larger and will stretch out your talk and surf time between recharges.

As Motorola had revealed earlier, the announcement of the Defy+ will see the handset landing in Europe, Asia, and Latin America this fall. The Defy+ won’t be headed to the U.S.


Though Motorola launched the first rugged Android smartphone in the form of the Motorola i1 for Sprint Nextel’s iDEN network, the company will now be facing stiffer competition in the rugged handset market. The Motorola Defy+ will soon be competing in the same market as Samsung’s Galaxy Xcover along with the Verizon Casio G’zOne Commando Android phone and the Pantech Crossover on AT&T.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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