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Motorola Atrix Bootloader Gets Unlocked



While it’s still unknown if Motorola plans to unlocked the Motorola Atrix bootloader with the upcoming update to Gingerbread, there is now a known way to get the bootloader unlocked which should be exciting for those that have wanted to be able to fully customize their dual-core device.

Motorola Atrix

The method which was posted over at XDA-forums isn’t an easy one. You’re going to have to follow some steps and it’s going to wipe your phone clean but if you’re cool with that, you can dive in right now if you’re running Android 2.2 Froyo.

For those that don’t want to void the warranty on the phone or just like to keep it official, you’ll just have to wait and see if an unlocked bootloader comes with Gingerbread when it arrives this July. We’re skeptical but Motorola is in a tough spot because of HTC’s bootloader policy change and it wouldn’t surprise us to see Motorola start doing this sooner than Q3 or Q4.

You can find the instructions to unlock the bootloader here.


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