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Motorola Buys Up RAZR Domains Fueling Droid RAZR Rumors



We recently saw the Motorola Droid HD aka Motorola Droid RAZR get benchmarked confirming a few of the upcoming device’s key features including its processor speed and its display. However, while we are getting a clear picture as far as its specs are concerned, we’re still not sure if this device is truly going to be branded using two of Motorola’s two most iconic brand names.

Well, according to Fusible, Motorola has bought up a ton of ‘RAZR’ domain names which seems to point to this being a distinct possibility. In all, Motorola purchased nine different RAZR related domains.

Droid RAZR

They include:

Of course, they don’t go anywhere but that’s not the point. The point is, unless this is just smoke and mirrors from Motorola, the Droid RAZR could be the real name of this very real device.

And honestly, that isn’t such a bad call at all.

I don’t know why they didn’t make this move sooner.

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