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Motorola DROID Ultra & MAXX KitKat Update Coming Next



The much anticipated update to Android 4.4 KitKat for the popular Motorola DROID lineup on Verizon should be coming very soon, as Verizon and Motorola recently started a soak test of new software for the smartphone.

This weekend Motorola begun sending out beta test invites, known as a soak test, for a new software update for the Verizon Motorola DROID Ultra, MAXX, and the Mini. With Android 4.4 KitKat already available on the Moto X, many are assuming the update is coming next to Verizon’s slew of Motorola handsets, then hopefully the RAZR HD and MAXX HD will quickly follow.


According to multiple reports and Droid-Life, Motorola has issued invites for the DROID Ultra, MAXX, and Mini that were all released earlier this year. The Motorola feedback network is looking for users of said phones to test a “new software release.” This is most likely the update to KitKat, but for now the details are unclear.

Back in October the company confirmed the DROID lineup would indeed receive an update to Android 4.4, but so far we’ve received no exact details or a release date. However, now that the Moto X has received the latest software for nearly all carriers, we’re expecting Motorola to focus on its next most important device, which of course is the DROID lineup at Verizon Wireless.

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Typically once these soak test invites go out to the Motorola Feedback Network the official update for all users is only a week, if not only a few days out. This is the final testing phase after everything else, and once the upgrade process looks to be running smooth the update should push to all Verizon DROID Ultra, MAXX, and Mini owners. Hopefully KitKat will arrive before the end of the week, and we’ll update once it’s officially here for all.

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1 Comment

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