Motorola Moto X Images & Battery Size Leaked
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Motorola Moto X Images & Battery Size Leaked



New leaks show the final design of the upcoming Motorola Moto X and confirm the battery size of the new smartphone.

Google and Motorola aren’t exactly shy about the upcoming Moto X. The company announced the phone and its customization options in a print ad a few weeks ago. Google chairman Eric Schmidt even appeared at a tech conference using the smartphone, though until now no images have shown the full device clearly.

A leaked image from @evleaks shows the front and back of the Motorola Moto X with a white back. The image shows the phone as Eric Schmidt had it, though other color options are available. Another leak shows a profile of the phone with a slate-colored back.


The leaked Moto X image shows the phone running what looks like an almost stock build of Android. The phone will feature a number of unique sensors that aren’t a part of stock Android, but the homescreen layout looks similar to what you’d find on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, albeit with a customized wallpaper.

The phone seems to have the same bezel around the front as the RAZR M from last year, though the Moto X is less angular with more rounded edges. The back of the phone is also rounded, presumably to make the phone easier to hold in one hand.

Another leak from @evleaks claims the Moto X will have a non-removable 2200 mAh battery. That’s larger than the battery inside the iPhone 5, but smaller than batteries found in high-end Android phones.

Rumors of the Moto X say the phone is more of a mid-range Android smartphone. The phone will likely have a 4.5-inch 720p display and a dual-core processor. The specs of the phone may help Motorola keep the price of the phone low.

Motorola will officially unveil the Moto X at an event in New York City on August 1.

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