Motorola Triumph Suffering From Screen, Camera Issues

When Sprint’s wholly owned pre-paid subsidiary Virgin Mobile announced the Motorola Triumph, it was hailed as a groundbreaking device in the pre-paid smartphone market, offering high-end Android smartphone features, affordable contract-free data and rate plans, and bringing an unadulterated Android experience to the masses. The Triumph, priced at $300 without a contract, the Triumph’s impressive specs and hassle-free carrier experience may be the dream smartphone. However, early adopters have reported issues related to the display and the camera with the Motorola Triumph.

In regards to the device’s 5-megapixel camera, owners of the device say that the camera seemingly does not auto-focus. Given Motorola’s rather good camera experience on the Droid series offered on Verizon Wireless, we’re hoping that early camera woes may be the result of software rather than hardware, and can be remedied through a future update. Another issue with the camera may be tinted pictures that are off-colored, according to a report on TechCrunch.

For now, the camera issue may be the lesser of problems for the Triumph. Owners are also reporting that the screen on the device may at times flicker black and white.

According to a report on the Washington Post, hardware exchanges have not fixed the issue, suggesting that the screen flicker issue may also be software related:

“Not-so-proud new owners have reported that the screen starts to flicker after a couple successive taps at the lock button, whereas others have said the screen goes completely white at random. Some of these flicker-victims are calling it a hardware issue, although a number of them have said that even multiple hardware exchanges haven’t solved the problem.”

 Hopefully, Virgin Mobile USA and Motorola can resolve the issues expeditiously as the phone is one of the most attractive offerings in the pre-paid world at such a great price.