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Motorola X Phone Rumors Keep Getting Crazier



The Motorola X Phone rumors keep on flowing and they keep getting more and more out there as the latest rumor pegs the device as coming with a wood casing option and an exclusive launch on AT&T and not Verizon Wireless as has been rumored in the past.

While HTC and Samsung have already played their hands in the form of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, Motorola has yet to release anything big in 2013, instead, choosing to keep the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD on shelves as its flagships. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t heard about what it has in the pipeline.

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The X Phone rumors keep getting crazier and crazier.

The X Phone rumors keep getting crazier and crazier.

Google and Motorola have said that they have some fantastic things in the works for the second half of 2012 and one of those devices figures to be the Motorola X Phone, a device that has been rumored several times in the past and is thought to be either a superphone with enough wow to challenge the HTC One and Galaxy S4 or a more modest device.

The most recent rumors have pegged the X Phone as coming in August with a smaller design, stock Android, and some customizable features that might consist of over 20 color options. Previous rumors have suggested that it has everything from a 10MP camera to a 4,000 mAh battery to a home on the Google Play Store. To say that rumors have been all over the board is an understatement.

Today, the X Phone rumor mill is hard at work again, this time in the form of a report from Android and Me which makes a number of new claims about the X Phone.

The device may not be heading to Verizon.

Rumors suggest that the X Phone may be an AT&T exclusive.

According to its supposed inside information, the X Phone is potentially not coming until August, something that has been rumored before. Specifically, the first week of August is mentioned which means that a Google I/O debut isn’t necessarily happening.

It also appears that when it does, it may be coming to AT&T and AT&T only, and not Verizon as has been rumored. Perhaps, Google has struck a partnership with AT&T that aligns with the one is made with T-Mobile with the Nexus 4.

The X Phone is also now thought to have a listening mode, that’s always on, and allows owners to issue commands and wake the device up from slumber. It also apparently has predictive intelligence that can somehow figure out what users want to do before they do it, for instance, possibly opening the camera app if the phone is held horizontal.

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The X Phone may feature several color options to choose from, unlike the Galaxy S4 which requires a case.

The X Phone may feature several color options to choose from, unlike the Galaxy S4 which requires a case.

It’s also now said to always be connected to the Chrome Browser and will apparently come with a number of casing options including wood which would allow or a ton of customization as it will feature not only different colors, but different build materials as well.

Of course, it’s impossible to say whether any of this is true at this point given that Google and Motorola have yet to make anything official. It’s certainly possible that some of this could arrive on the X Phone, even some of the crazier details like predictive intelligence, but at this point, consumers should take this all with a giant grain of salt.

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