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Chinese My Idol iPhone App Turns Selfies into 3D Models



If you look at the most popular iPhone apps you’ll notice a new Chinese iPhone app at the top of the charts. The Xiao Ou Wo De3d Meng Ou app or 小偶 – 我的3D萌偶 app by Huanshi lets you turn a selfie into a 3D model or avatar that you can customize and place in new clothes, new poses and even on a fancy motorcycle. After you install the app on your phone the name changes to My Idol, but if you search the app store you will not find that app.

The catch is that the app is in Chinese so you’ll need a guide to use the 小偶 – 我的3D萌偶 app unless you can read Chinese. We’ll show you how to use the app so that you can turn your selfie into a avatar or 3D model that can play a guitar or look amazing in a new outfit.

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Though a little difficult to understand at first, the app is easy enough to get around with the english translation guide and with some trial and error. At first glance the app might not look like much, but after you put your face onto a model that rides a motorcycle or dances to “Bringing Sexy Back” the humor is clear.

The first step is to download the My Idol app from the iTunes store. The name will show as 小偶 – 我的3D萌偶 in the app store, but you can avoid the search by tapping on the app name above to open the app right in the app store. This is a free app and it works on your iPhone in the U.S. even if your iPhone language is set to English. You won’t be able to use all of the sharing options, but you can save the photos and videos to your Photos app to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Use the Chinese My Idol App (English Guide)

When you open the app up, you can tap on the main text to start making an Avatar. You can use the front or rear camera to take your selfie. We found that it works just fine with either of the cameras, but you can use the flash on the rear camera to make a selfie that looks better n dark environments. Here we add to the guide that the company provides.

Take a selfie for your model.

Take a selfie for your model.


Tap on the sun icon in the upper left to turn the flash on or off and the camera icon in the upper right to change cameras. Line up your eyes and face with the on screen indicator and then tap the screen to take a photo. If it looks good, tap on the green check mark.

You need your face in the photo, but you don’t need your hair in it because the app will let you choose hairstyles.

Take a selfie to turn into a 3d model.

Take a selfie to turn into a 3d model.

After you tap the checkmark, the app will scan your face in and attempt to identify all of the points that need to move to animate your face. You can tap to move these around. This is also where you choose the gender of your model. Tap on the green icon for male and the red icon for female.

At this point you have a 3D model or My Idol that you can control and share. The image below from the creators outlines most of the options from your main screen including changing the clothing, putting the idol on a stage with props, goofy portraits and making a GIF or emoji.

Here are the basic instructions you need to use the Chinese my idol app.

Here are the basic instructions you need to use the Chinese my idol app.

Tap on any of these to get started. Once you are in the dress options you can change your head size with the ruler like option and you can add makeup, glasses, pants, shoes, mustaches and more. When you tap on an icon, it may not immediately show up as the app must download the part. When the background of the item you want is no longer dark grey, tap to add it to your avatar.

Change your outfit and style in the app.

Change your outfit and style in the app.

On the stage you can put your avatar on a motorcycle, stripper pole or many other settings. You can tap the bottom left icon to add voice to the short 12 second clip or tap the right bottom icon to share it. Tap the camera in the upper left to take a screenshot. You can choose similar options on the portrait and emoji/Gif options.

After you choose to share, tap on the upper left logo that looks like the Photos icon on your iPhone. This will save the image of the video clip to your photo library.

Save your emoji, photos and videos to your camera roll to share them on Facebook and other social sites.Save your emoji, photos and videos to your camera roll to share them on Facebook and other social sites.

Save your emoji, photos and videos to your camera roll to share them on Facebook and other social sites.

Now, leave the app and go to Photos to see your saved idols. You can then share from here to Facebook, Twitter, Messages and email just like you normally would any other photo or video.

If you need to add a new Avatar of yourself or of someone else, go to the main screen and tap on the circle with a person and a plus sign. Here you can go back through the process to create another avatar using the instructions at the top of the list.



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