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myCharge AdventureUltra Review: Portable Charger Outlet & USB



There are portable batteries and then there is the myCharge AdventureUltra. This backup power source can charge your phone or tablet, but it can also power a 32-inch TV for three hours, a lantern or fan for nearly a dozen hours and even charge your laptop using the standard outlet on the side of the charger.

This is the ultimate accessory for camping and for backup during an emergency where you are without power. The 13,400mAh battery will charge your phone many times and can power up your laptop if you need to keep working while on the go or when the power is out.

We put the myCharge AdventureUltra to the test while camped out in the hospital and through busy workdays where outlets were few and far between. The $129 portable charger is compact, easy to use and the myCharge AdventureUltra is an indispensable part of our gear. Here’s why you should consider adding one to your bag.


The myCharge AdventureUltra is about the size of a walkman if you’re old enough to remember what they looked like. It slides into our backpack easily and doesn’t add considerable weight. You can quickly see how much power the device has by pushing one of the buttons on the front of the device. You can charge or power almost anything with this portable battery charger, but there is one limitation. All of the ports are covered with rubber to keep dust and debris out.

When charging a laptop using the outlet it is only rated for laptops that require less than 45 watts. That means the 12″ MacBook and many Windows notebooks are perfectly fine. Expect about one charge for a laptop with this backup power. Keep in mind that using the laptop while charging will use more power.

You can use the myCharge AdventureUltra to charge a laptop and much more.

You can use the myCharge AdventureUltra to charge a laptop and much more.

The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models pull more power, but we had no issues charging them with the USB C port that is included, so you can still use this to charge up bigger notebooks. The charger works two ways with laptops. It can provide power to run the device and charge the battery, or it can simply charge the battery when the laptop is closed. We were able to charge the 15-inch MacBook Pro with a USB C cable while using the laptop without any issues and to also use the 85W Apple charger as well.

In addition to the USB C port and the AC outlet, there are two standard USB ports that you can use to charge and power smartphones and other accessories. if you charge something with a USB cable, you can charge it with the myCharge AdventureUltra.

You can expect the following recharge rates and power rates with the myCharge AdventureUltra;

  • Charge a Phone 8 times
  • Charge a Bluetooth speaker 8 times
  • Charge a Laptop 1 time
  • Charge a tablet 1.2 times
  • Power a 32-inch LED TV for three hours
  • Power a LED Lamp for 8 hours
  • Power a small fan for 8 hours

Instead of hauling around a bigger generator that is often unwieldy, you can take this camping or tailgating to power a TV or other gear. The myCharge AdventureUltra can also provide much needed power in an emergency where the power is out for extended periods.

You can easily see how much power is left by glancing at the front of the device.

You can easily see how much power is left by glancing at the front of the device.

We wish we had this gadget when we went without power for a week and are glad that it is part of our normal gear bag as well as on standby with our emergency gadgets.

The AdventureUltra charges up quickly, so you can get it ready to go quickly when you have access to an outlet. One downside is that you need to use the included charger to power it back up, so you cannot charge it with a Micro USB or similar cable that is easy to find while traveling. The charger is small, and you won’t need it for weekend trips, but it is one more cable to bring on longer trips. The charger does work in passthrough mode so if you plug your gadgets into it, they will be charged as well as your backup battery.



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