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myCharge Debuts One Device to Charge Almost Anything



myCharge has a new battery pack called the ‘All Powerful’ that can recharge almost anything. The popular battery and charger company released several new products at CES 2018, but this isn’t your average portable battery. The All Powerful has built-in wireless charging, packs a punch, and is highly versatile.

So what makes this charger so special? Well, it packs 20,000 mAh of portable power, along with two built-in USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and an AC outlet. There’s an output for everything you own. For those with an iPhone X or a Galaxy S8, there’s even wireless charging.

Basically, if you don’t have a cable, just throw your phone on the top for fast wireless charging capabilities. We also really love the idea of a powerful 65w AC outlet on one side, which lets you plug-in just about anything if you’re in a pinch and need some battery.

The company literally thought of almost everything. It’s not just wireless charging, it’s fast wireless charging. It’s not just a big battery pack, it’s a battery pack that can do it all. Check out our hands-on video above, then keep reading for a few more details.

One impressive aspect of this charger is the company said the 65w AC outlet is powerful enough to run a 32-inch LED TV for nearly 4 hours. That’s in addition to charging or powering most laptops, and other small gadgets. The press release states nearly 15 hours of laptop use from a full battery. Use it in the summer to run a small fan for over 10 hours. Really, there’s a reason they named it the “All Powerful” charger.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an AC outlet on a portable battery pack. However, having AC out, two regular USB outlets to charge anything and everything, a USB Type-C port, and Qi wireless charging all in one sure is impressive. If you need to charge or use something, chances are this device will work for you.


We like the small LCD screen on the front too. This gives information at a glance about what’s currently charging, how much battery is left, or if the AC outlet is active. There’s a button on each side to give power to the USB ports, or the AC outlet, and a dedicated USB Type-C input charging port on the left side. This supports USB Type-C power delivery up to 60w, so you can top-off the myCharge All Powerful battery pack quickly before a trip or when it’s depleted.

myCharge tells GottaBeMobile they’re looking to release the All Powerful in April of 2018, and it will retail for only $199. That’s a small price to pay when you consider all the different ways this could save you in a pinch, or give you power when you need it most, like when the power goes out. While you’re here, take a look at our roundup of the best fast portable battery packs.

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