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New American Airlines Caters to Connected Travelers



Today American Airlines debuted its company-wide refresh and part of that refresh will help travelers stay connected on their smartphones, tablets and laptops during flights.

On all domestic flights American Airlines will now offer inflight Wi-Fi as well as power outlets to charge devices, which is especially useful for long cross-country flights. The airline will also offer Wi-Fi and power in select international flights starting this year.

The airline didn’t mention any specifics about Wi-Fi, but travelers will have to pay either per flight or per hour to use the Internet on any device they carry with them.


American Airlines will also give devices to its flight attendants, pilots and airport agents to increase efficiency.

Flight attendants will receive “Galaxy Note tabs” which could mean anything from the Samsung Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Note 10.1 or anything in between. The flight attendants will use their mobile devices to access information like connecting flight gates, flyer loyalty status and flyer special preferences.

American Airlines Smartphones

American Airlines is equipping flight crews with Galaxy Note smartphones.

Pilots for American Airlines will bring iPads with them into the cockpit with all the information that need for the flight preloaded, which mostly just cuts down on paper to help the environment and to increase efficiency.

Crew for American Airlines in the airport will also use mobile devices to print boarding passes, check bags and check flight information for travelers.

Overall, American Airlines will use mobile devices to hopefully make the traveling experience easier for its customers. The airline’s planes are also better equipped for travelers who want to remain connected during a flight, whether for work or for pleasure.

American Airlines can now better compete with airlines such as Virgin America which already offer features like inflight Wi-Fi and power outlets at every seat. American Airlines also has the benefit of serving many more airports than Virgin America, which only serves a few major U.S. cities.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mark_bernard

    01/18/2013 at 1:44 pm

    Yes. but American still needs to do a complete refresh of its crews. You can put all the electronics you want on an American plane, it doesn’t change how horrible their customer service is. I would fly Virgin any day over American.

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