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New Angry Birds Game Coming March 22nd



We have a feeling that a lot of you out there with mobile devices or Facebook accounts are into playing a little game called Angry Birds. If that’s the case, then you should probably know that your next fix will becoming on March 22nd as Rovio, the maker of the game, has confirmed that that will be the day a new Angry Birds game will be arriving for mobile devices.

This time, the birds will be heading to space which is being described on the game’s teaser page as “One Small Fling for a Bird, One Quantum Leap for Birdkind.” The teaser features a slingshot, which is the main tool you use while playing the game, sitting on what is presumably the moon with the earth in the background.

Exciting stuff.

It appears that the game will be titled, simply, Angry Birds Space.

New Angry Birds Game Coming March 22nd

This will be the fourth installment in the Angry Birds franchise and it will be Rovio’s most, well, ambitious release to date as the gameplay will be a tad different then previous versions of the game.

Not only will you be flinging birds out of a slingshot on distant planets, the other games took place on what we think might be earth, you’re also going to be dealing with zero gravity which means you’re going to seeing a lot of birds in slow-motion.

This little twist should make puzzles immensely more interesting and will likely delight those who have been craving something fresh in terms of gameplay.

There will also be new birds thrown into the mix and there will also be familiar faces with new powers.

Rovio claims that this will be the company’s biggest release since the original Angry Birds game and we tend to believe them.

After all, they have signed up NASA and National Geographic as launch partners although the capacity of their participation in the launch is currently unknown.

So, if you’re addicted to Angry Birds, be sure to circle March 22nd on your calendar.

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