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New Forza 5 Xbox One Bundles Racing Into Stores Next Week



Microsoft says it’s now preparing to unleash an arsenal of Xbox One consoles bundled with Forza 5 for the same $499.99 price that it charged early adopters for just the console.

The announcement came in a post on Major Nelson blog today. Users will be able to purchase thew new Forza 5 Xbox One Bundle from “select retailers next week.” Strangely enough, the post itself doesn’t actually mention exactly which U.S. outlets are among the select retailers actually getting the bundle for sale. It does confirm that Xbox One buyers in other countries are out of luck, the Forza 5 Xbox One Bundle will only be available to users in the United States. It’s worth noting that Microsoft already bundles copies of FIFA 14 with Xbox One consoles sold in the United Kingdom.

Forza 5 is one of the best titles showcasing the Xbox One's graphics and gaming muscle.

Forza 5 is one of the best titles showcasing the Xbox One’s graphics and gaming muscle.

To be clear, users who are looking to pick up the Forza 5 Xbox One bundle will want to move quickly if they do encounter them at their retailer of choice. Microsoft is making it clear that it has no intentions of offering the bundle to users indefinitely.

Really, any potential Xbox One buyer who is eyeing the console already should seriously think about taking advantage of either this bundle or the Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Microsoft announced last week. If purchased separately these games would cost users an extra $60 plus tax. The Titanfall Xbox One Bundle is an even better deal since its buyers get a free month of Xbox Live. To be fair buyers of that bundle will need it since the Titanfall focuses on multiplayer a lot more than Forza 5.

Potential buyers should note that the game that comes with both Xbox One bundles is of the digital download variety. That means that each console will come with a prepaid code that users must input into Xbox Live to download their included game. That also means that users won’t be trading in these titles at their local GameStop or Play N Trade towards other titles once they’re finished with them.

Each Xbox One also comes with a Chat Headset, power cable, HDMI cable, Kinect 2 sensor and a wireless controller that doesn’t include a rechargeable battery.

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