New Images of RAZR-Inspired Android Motorola Smartphone Surface
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New Images of RAZR-Inspired Android Motorola Smartphone Surface



New images have begun to appear of a new, un-announced Motorola Android-powered smartphone that bears a design styling very similar to the company’s flagship Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR Maxx smartphones–the former of which is also known as the Motorola RAZR internationally. The device has the tapered corners found on recent Motorola smartphones beginning with the Sprint Photon 4G and has the Kevlar backing of the Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx phones.

A RAZR-inspired phone, and perhaps a RAZR successor is nothing unexpected as Motorola had committed earlier to releasing fewer devices this year, but ones with more impact on the market rather than flood the market with numerous models of phones. The manufacturer had also committed on expanding its RAZR line, so this phone would certainly fit that pattern.

Like the RAZR, this one will have a Kevlar back, but the Kevlar material is now extended to the top hump to surround the large rear loudspeaker as well as the camera and camera flash modules–plastic was used on the RAZR around that part of the phone. The camera module shows the ‘HD’ branding, suggesting that it would be able to record in 1080p HD for videos, as most modern Motorola smartphones already allow. It’s unclear what the resolution of the device will be–it can potentially range from the 8-megapixel found on Motorola’s recent U.S. releases to a 13-megapixel shooter found on Chinese variants of the U.S. smartphones.

It’s also unclear where and when Motorola intends on launching these smartphones. Considering that the Motorola RAZR/Droid RAZR debuted in November, it may be time to upgrade that device soon according to Android’s aggressive upgrade timelines where, at times, new successor models are introduced some six months after the original was released.

Additionally, a Chinese forum also is associating the word ‘Blade’ with this phone. It’s unclear if the phone will launch as a RAZR, a RAZR Blade, or some other branding.

Like the recently leaked Droid Figher images for Verizon’s 4G LTE network in the U.S., this phone bears no capacitive or physical Android navigation keys just below the display. This could suggest that like the Galaxy Nexus, Ice Cream Sandwich will be on-board and the navigation keys have been moved to the display as on-screen soft keys.

Via: Droid-life


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