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5 Exciting iOS 9 Features for iPads



Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture

With Picture in Picture mode on the iPad in iOS 9 users can use FaceTime or watch a video while using another app. Instead of using a Split View mode that would leave a lot of black space in a video, this pops the video into a resizable window that you can place in a corner while you use another app.

There are some built-in controls to play or pause the video. Pinching or stretching makes the video window smaller or larger to fit your needs.

Apple includes a button to do this in the Videos app on the beta and while watching a video from iTunes a press of the home button puts the video or FaceTime call into Picture in Picture mode.

Only Apple apps support this in the beta, but we are hopeful that this will come to Watch ESPN, Netflix and other apps that we use to watch a lot of video.

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